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About Rena Jawad

Coming from a Middle Eastern Muslim background, enabled Rena Jawad to have a deeper understanding of the need for modest dress within a western world. Rena Jawad provides the opportunity for women to dress how they want without compromising their love for fashion. 

Born in Baghdad, having learnt to sew from a very young age, Rena Jawad’s passion for design started to blossom. As she began to experiment and further perfect her skills and her eye for detail, her passion for designing and interest in fashion grew through the years. 

Utilising handpicked luxury fabrics, with lace and appliqué being her signature touch allowing the creation of elegant couture.

Driven by her passion for creativity and elegance, Rena Jawad aims to create and tailor beautifully handcrafted dresses in line with the current season trends. Working closely with her clients to achieve their perfect dress and demonstrating that modesty can be both fashionable and exquisite.